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About Gary Jacobs & Co Ltd

Gary Jacobs & Co Solicitors Ltd relocated to South Woodford in 2005 and is recognised as one of the leading family law practices in Essex and East London.

The company originates from Chadwell Heath. Gary Jacobs became a partner in 1981 and established a Family and Crime Practice.

Debbie Jacobs joined the practice in 1988 and became sole proprietor in 2005. Since 2000 Debbie has specialised in Family Law, in particular Childcare work.

We have an excellent reputation earned over the years thanks to the high level of service provided to our clients. We receive many referrals from local courts, Magistrates and District Judges, referrals from professional organisations including individuals from all areas of family law such as Children’s Guardians and local advice agencies (including local domestic violence agencies). A high level of new clients are referred to us by existing clients who have been completely satisfied with the service they received.

Legal aid remains available to some clients for Family law. Legal Aid may be completely free of charge or you may be required to make a contribution. Should you recover or preserve property or money, you may be required to repay your fees to the Legal Aid Agency under the Statutory Charge. Click here to see if you qualify for legal aid.

Given the restriction and accessibility for many of our clients to Legal Aid, we have introduced a range of affordable options for non-complex divorce, matrimonial and children matters. Given the restriction and accessibility for many of our clients to Legal Aid, we offer a range of affordable options for Children Matters, Complex Divorce and Ancillary Relief (Financial Matrimonial Division). All matters in relation to children will be charged at an hourly rate of £108.00 (inclusive of VAT)

on Contested Fixed Fee Divorce £780.00 (inclusive of VAT) plus Court Petition Fee £410.00 = £1190.00 (NB In some cases it is necessary to obtain a Court Consent Order and there will be an addition Court Fee £50.00).

For more complex matrimonial financial matters, hourly rates will apply. Depending on the level of complexity, hourly rates start from £108.00 per hour (including VAT) up to £360.00 per hour (including VAT). Your hourly rate will be agreed with you based on the level of complexity of your matter.

For more complex matrimonial financial matters, increased hourly rates will apply. This will be identified and discussed at your initial appointment.

We proudly achieved Lexcel Accreditation in 2012 having demonstrated the firm’s compliance with Law Society Quality Standards. Click here for Law Society Lexcel

We have staff available who are able to speak Bengali, Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu. We also use expert interpreters in other languages including sign language.

In some circumstances we can arrange for home visits to be made.