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Here at Gary Jacobs & Co Ltd we can provide you with advice and assistance on all aspects surrounding divorce and separation. We understand that when a relationship breaks down it can be a very emotional and difficult time.

A divorce should be carried out as efficiently as possible. You will need to be able to prove that your marriage has broken down irretrievably and in addition one of the five facts;

Unreasonable behaviour
Two years separation with consent
Five years separation

If there are children of the family a document known as a Statement of Information for the Children will also need to be submitted to the Court as well as your Petition. Once the Court has approved the Petition as well as accompanying documents approving the reasoning behind the divorce application then it will grant a Decree Nisi. The Decree Nisi is a Statement from the Court stating that you are entitled to apply for a Decree Absolute which will finalise the divorce process. There is a compulsory waiting time of six weeks and one day from when the Decree Nisi is issued before a Decree Absolute can be applied for. This allows time for an objection to be put forward to the Court as to why the marriage should not be terminated.

We will also advise you of the legal aspects of divorce / separation. For example we can help in dealing with finances and children.

We can provide legal advice on Ancillary Relief which includes the split of matrimonial assets such as the sale or preservation of the family home, savings, pensions and other assets involved with the marriage.

We can also provide legal advice on the breakup of civil partnerships and we can help with the preservation of finances and assets if required.


We specialise in all areas of family law including Care Proceedings, Adoption, Child Arrangements, Divorce & Ancillary Relief.



Gary Jacobs & Co Solicitors Ltd relocated to South Woodford in 2005 and is recognised as one of the leading family law practices in Essex and East London.


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